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The Language of Flowers

The gift of flowers has long been a popular way to mark an occasion. The Victorians used to use flowers in the home and as gifts according to their meaning. Why not incorporate flowers with a meaning into your bouquets and add a special touch making it more personal to the recipient?

To give lilac Roses for example, would convey a message of falling in love and being enchanted, or for a more long standing relationship why not send pink to show admiration, but also gratitiude and appreciation?Below are some meanings for popular flowers we use today.

Anemone- Forsake, abandonment & love that is fleeting and will not last
Calla Lily- Modesty
Camellia- My destiny is in your hands
Carnation- Red- My heart breaks, Pink- I will never forget you, White- Sweet & lovely, Striped- I cannot be with you
Chrysanthemum- Truth, symbolic of perfection
Daffodil- New beginnings
Gypsophila- Everlasting love
Hyacinth- Blue- Constancy, Purple- Please forgive me, White- Beauty
Iris- Message
Ivy- Fidelity
Lily- Majesty
Lily of the Valley- Return of happiness
Myrtle- Love
Orchid- Refined beauty
Rose- White- Truth, innocence and new beginnings, Red- I love you, Pink- Grace & admiration, gratitude & appreciation, Peach- Modesty, Burgundy- Unconscious beauty, Lilac- Enchantment, Orange- Fascination, Yellow- can mean friendship or infidelity!
Snowdrop- Consolation & hope
Tulip- Declaration of love